Alexia Anders A Naughty Thief in Disguise at Shoplyfter

Alexia Anders loves big golden necklaces but she is pretty broke to buy one. So the only solution is to steal it. But unfortunately for her she gets busted and escorted to the security guards office, by the officer in charge himself Jack Vegas. He is the most serious guard at the mall and doesn’t takes no for an answer. He starts the investigation by telling Alexia to strip down. It’s time for cavity search after she is all naked and the stolen necklace has been found. For this part she asks for a female officer but none is around. Alexia Anders is left with two choices. She either co-operates or Jack can call the real cops. She doesn’t wants to go to jail so she happily gets on her knees and does what it takes to get released. The full Shoplyfter scene with Alexia is out now in 4K! But feel free to check out the extended trailer below. Or get inside Shoplyfter and watch all the spy cam footage’s now.

Alexia Anders at Shoplyfter