Are Sex dolls weird? My opinion.

Hmm, this happens to be a very rhetorical question. Sex dolls whether we like it or not do serve a purpose, they help satisfy the need for sex. Now to ask this question,” Are Sex dolls weird?”, to answer this one will need to dig deep. First of all why will you need a sex doll? Why will you need to shell out over $1000 to get a doll that looks human in order to have sex with it? Sometimes you just don’t understand the ways of humans and how they reason. For instance there are so many people on earth whom you can connect with, why chose a doll that is lifeless, that just stares at you? Why chose a sex doll to keep you company at night or day? As a man or woman if you do summon up the courage to just talk to or connect with someone you can from that point gradually form a relationship that can lead to something meaningful. It is not the destination that matters but the journey. Real sexdolls do cost a fortune, why will you shelve that amount of money out when you can simply chat with someone, buy the person a drink and enjoy the conversation. You can dance with a person, laugh with a person and be real with a person. You cannot achieve all this with a sex doll. Having sex with a sex doll can be very weird. I mean they are lifeless, they cannot respond to what you are doing, feeling or what you are saying. They just stare at you and are so cold and lifeless to feel and touch. I mean how can you possibly connect to something that is a doll during sex? I don’t just get it. The fact that it looks so human and yet it is lifeless so when you have sex with it, the doll just lays there is damn creepy. In fact it takes creepiness to another level, top notch. These adult sex dolls are made from TPE for God’s sake. It means if you have one and you are having sex with it you are simply fucking TPE. TPE! Does that not seem weird to you? Why will you want to fuck TPE when there are humans everywhere who are ready to be with you? Sex dolls do not have warmth, they are freaking cold. Now if that does not get you then I do not know what will. Have you ever given a thought that if you were deeply into the sex act with a doll it could be prickedwith a sharp object and just deflate? Now that’s funny. How weird does that look or sound? How would you feel if that happened to you? Never thought of it right? My advice is that for those of you that have a sex doll or thinking of getting one, don’t. In order to reduce your level of weirdness, get yourself a human as a friend instead. Sex dolls are weird, stick to humans. Another weird fact is that some people that own sex dolls actually say that they do have feelings for their sex dolls. These people are emotionally involved with their sex dolls. Some even go as far as saying that it’s not just about the sex, they share a deeper connection with their sex dolls. Others even go as far as getting married to their sex dolls. I ask “How can one have feelings or emotional connections to a lifeless doll?” I find it so weird that people will invest their time, money and energy into keeping a sex doll. It’s just not worth it. Find a person and give that love instead so that you will receive that love back. A sex doll cannot love you back, no matter how much you try to deceive yourself that it loves you. Come to think of it you may have some deep seethed emotions that have not been dealt with.