Freeze Breast Pump with Veronica Leal


Veronica Leal has just received a brand new breast pump, which is exactly when strange things started happening. Suddenly she hears experiencing some events, her tits become sensitive, and she is aroused, as if she’s been already using the pump but nothing of that effect has happened at all. Turns out it was all a dirty plan of Sam Bourne, an uninvited “guest”.

He has figured out how to stop time, slipping in and out to suck the milk out of her titties. Each time Veronica would get more horny, eventually masturbating on her own, which Sam used to stop the time and stick his fully erect cock in her mouth for a nasty throatfuck. Unfortunately, right when the best time comes, the timer on his freeze device goes off.

It’s hard enough while he fucks her pussy, but it’s even harder while Sam’s dick is buried deep inside Veronica’s ass. That tightness makes him cum inside Veronica exactly while she’s being unfrozen. While some might be put off by the whole thing, Veronica doesn’t care, she wants more, and without all the time stop shenanigans. She treats Sam – her human breast pump, to her tit milk, and a nasty anal ride until he cums inside her ass and she squirts violently at the same time.

Veronica Leal at Freeze