Honey Hayes at Sis Loves Me Swallows and Fucks

Duncan Saint and her gorgeous steppy Honey Hayes can’t wait to check out their new apartment. Unfortunately they need to share a room. But it turns out it’s not that bad of a deal at all. Honey changes to the swimsuit in front of Duncan what makes him instantly horny. Who wouldn’t be. She got mesmerizing big boobies – all natural and an amazing body. Honey rewards the compliments with a nice blowjob and she even swallows! What a kinky babe. Next day she is into even more fun. Pulling that swimsuit to the side so Duncan can slide his big cock inside. The third day they repeat the whole sucky fucky thing again. Seems like this going to be a great place to stay. Btw Honey is coming to BFFs Sex Addicts Anonymous as well (release date unknown yet). This Sis Loves Me scene will be out next Friday, but the trailer is too hot to miss. Check it out below!

Honey Hayes at SisLovesMe