How Couples Can Use An Adult Webcam Site To Spice Up Their Sex Life


Marriage. It’s alright, isn’t it? Finding your soulmate and someone to grow old with and share your life with is great. But let’s be honest – the sex starts getting a little samey after a while.

Many couples turn to increasingly outlandish and kinky sex to keep things fresh in the bedroom. This is not only a good idea; it’s essential if you want to stop things from getting stale. There are only so many times you can engage in missionary and not get bored.

Another option is swinging, which mixes things up by introducing new partners. It certainly helps with spicing things up but has its own issues – feelings of jealousy and inadequacy, self-esteem issues, and potential exposure to STIs from other sexual partners.

But what if there was a way to sidestep most of the downsides of that? What if you could virtually swing or have a virtual threesome? There’d be no chance of STIs, and those feelings of jealousy and inadequacy can be greatly lessened if you’re not dealing with a physical, flesh-and-blood third party.

And that, friends, is where adult webcam sites like PDCams come in. Let’s take a look at how they’re being used to inject a dash of excitement into couples’ love lives.

For Couples Using Cam Models


Many couples want to experience the thrill of having someone else in the bedroom – without having someone else in the bedroom. Not only is that possible in this day and age, but it’s a great idea. Let’s see why.

It’s The Safest Way To Have A Threesome

The issues with having a threesome are many – far too many to cover within the scope of this article. Suffice it to say that, with the obvious problems of jealousy and self-esteem issues that can arise, it’s very difficult to find a suitable third party. Besides trying to figure out if the three of you are sexually compatible, finding someone who respects you, your partner, and your relationship status can be hard.

With a cam performer, a lot of the heavy lifting is done for you. Cam models are, by virtue of the fact that this is their job, very respectful. They’re also used to all sorts of unusual requests, so they’re going to be completely fine with whatever it is you and your partner want from them. And, of course, there are none of the risks that come with actual sexual contact.

If nothing else, it’s worth a try. Nobody is sleeping with anybody else; it might just be the breath of fresh air your relationship needs.

It’s A Great Way To Have Remote Sex

I’m not just talking about having remote sex with a cam model – what if you’re away from your partner for a while, but the two of you want to have sexual contact? What if you want to involve a third party in that sex? Adult webcam sites are your friend here.

It’s possible for the two of you to link up with a cam model and have a sexual experience together. That way, you’re scratching that sexual itch, doing it with your partner, but mixing things up a little with a smoking-hot cam model. Everyone’s a winner!

For Couples Being Cam Models

Let’s say you and your partner wanna go the other way on this. You want to make use of a cam site – but you want to be the performers. We’re talking about fucking in front of strangers here. If the thought of that gets you hot under the collar, then starting a cam site profile may be for you and your partner.

You Can Scratch That Exhibitionist Itch

Couples cam feeds are a growing market. It’s not as popular as the biggest subcategory – solo female performers – but there is definitely a demand for it. A lot of people get off on watching other people have sex – isn’t that what pornography is all about when you think about it?

But a lot of people also get off on the thought of other people watching them have sex. For many couples, that means swinging or attending an orgy. But that can, quite often, be too much too fast. Some couples may want to try it, but they’d like to dip their toe in the water first.

That’s where operating a couples cam feed comes in. You can fool around and have sex with an audience without actually having people anywhere near you. It’s as safe as all the other forms of virtual sex we’ve covered here, but you still get that thrill of being watched. And the best part about it? You’re getting paid, too.

Plus, don’t let your age put you off. As long as you’re over 18, there are ample people keen to tune into your live shows. If you feel you’re “past it”, just take a look at how popular live MILF cams are these days!

You Can Let Other People Direct The Action

There can be something very sexy about giving up control. It is also quite scary to hand the reins over to other people and let them dictate what happens. What if they take things too far?

That’s not an issue if you’re a cam performer. You can set the boundaries that you’re comfortable with, and if a viewer is going too far, you can pull things back. Because they’re not physically there, there’s no danger of things getting out of hand.

In addition, it might help you and your partner find new things that rev your engines. Paddling your partner’s ass might never have occurred to you in a million years, but if a viewer asks you to do it, and you both find that you like it, boom! New fetish unlocked!

Sometimes, all it takes is the input of a stranger to put a little verve back into your relationship. So why not give it a go?

Couples, What’s Stopping You?

Whether setting up a cam feed of your own or simply making use of a cam model, it’s safe and easy to mix things up for you and your partner these days. More importantly, it’s easy to establish and stick to boundaries, and no physical contact means that everyone involved can feel safe. So what’s stopping you from trying out a free sex cams site today?