Kimmy Kimm & Avery Black at Little Asians in Everyone Blows

Little Asians join forces for a great fuck. Kimmy Kimm got a new bf Lucky Fate and she is ready to finally suck his dick on their 3rd date. But she haven’t done it yet so she truly sucks at it. No problem, Avery Black is around to help with Lucky’s blue balls. Kimmy just can’t leave him as this.. as soon as she starts to milk him Kimmy shows up. Avery needs to explain to her how to perform the sucking properly. She is all in for a hot threesome to drain her new bfs balls. Check out Avery Black’s previous Little Asian scenes too getting fucked in a red dress and as Kitana. Everyone Blows is out now in 4K resolution!

Kimmy Kimm & Avery Black at Little Asians