Mina Luxx in The Perfect Timing by Little Asians

The gorgeous Mina Luxx returns to Little Asians after we could enjoy her performing a Nyotaimori (naked body sushi). It was a really hot scene still worth checking out. Brad is such a lucky guy! This time Mina is going to please Ken Feels hard dick. She had a crush on him for ages now and she needs to make a move tonight! She is going away with her girlfriend and this is her last chance. She hesitates a little at the beginning, but then she gets on the couch and reaches for Ken’s dick. He thinks it’s inappropriate, but her hands on his cock feel so good! The Perfect Timing by Mina Luxx is going to be wild and hot. Check out the free Little Asians trailer video below and mark this Sunday in your calendar. When the full action comes out!

Mina Luxx at Little Asians