Mina Moon & Emerald Loves Sharing a Daddy Doll at Little Asians

Little Asians besties Mina Moon and Emerald Loves are super excited for their brand new toy. It’s a Daddy Doll.. a sex doll for women. It has finally arrived and they can’t wait to unwrap it. It looks like an anatomically pretty accurate thing, so the very first thing they do is they unzip his pants. The special gift he is hiding between his legs is quite big and thick. It will be more than enough for these little asians pussies. They immediately start to blow it and after all wet and sloppy they ride it one by one. These kinky sluts can’t get enough of it. And this daddy doll has a special feature too. It can cum! I think this is the best thing they have bought so far in their life! The full Little Asians video is available now in 4K resolution. Join below!

Mina Moon & Emerald Loves at Little Asians