Savannah Sixx Returns to Sis Loves Me in 2022

Savannah Sixx returns to Sis Loves Me for more fantasy love in 2022. Her previous scene was released a pretty long time ago in 2019! It was her fourth scene at Team Skeet. Oh and she was TeamSkeet AllStar for December! Now Savannah is auditioning for a part she really wants so she is practicing in front of the mirror. She becomes stage fright easily after all. But Austin got a great idea. She should practice naked in front of a real person. Seems like its working out pretty well. His next tip is practicing with a cock in her mouth. After seeing Savannah Sixx’s big natural boobies he couldn’t think about anything else just to ride ’em. A few days later Savannah is super happy, she got the part and wants to thank Austin in a special way for helping her. By riding his hard dick! The full action called What’s My Line Again? is out now in 4K resolution, join below to grab all her other scenes as well!

Savannah Sixx at SisLovesMe