Spring Breakers Part 3: Welcome to Skeetsville by Freeuse Fantasy

Bikini girlfriends Rory Knox, Octavia Red & Jasmine Wilde are in deep trouble. They got busted big time and now they are heading to Skeetsville county jail with officers Donnie Rock and Charles Dera. But first they are going to question the ladies about their wrongdoings.. The interrogation is pretty tough. It starts off with some cavity search but quickly turns into a wild fingering and cock sucking party. Then the officers go and take each suspect one by one for a special treat. Seems like the BFFs are enjoying themselves as well. In the end they are getting out but first they are going to have an amazing prison orgy! Make sure to check out Spring Breakers Part 1 and Spring Breakers Part 2 as well to catch up with the story. In the meantime enjoy the hot trailer below while the full scene comes out this Saturday then join to download the full 4K video now!

Rory Knox, Octavia Red & Jasmine Wilde at Freeuse Fantasy