Two Redheads For The Price Of One

Fiery redhead Jane Rogers ends up in the backoffice with the serious security guard Wrex Oliver. He is pretty angry at her because she has stolen a bottle of lube. It’s time for a strip search to see if she has anything else on herself. After she is all naked her steppy Lauren Phillips gets called into the office. She is angry at her as well. Who the hell steals a no name lube?! Lauren has to go through the same procedure. But she has a pretty clever idea how to get out of this mess. Pleasing a man’s cock always helps! And the security guard won’t say no to a hot redhead threesome with Jane and Lauren! They make a deal. Both of their pussies for letting them go. Luckily for us the hidden camera’s leaked footage is available to download.

Lauren Phillips & Jane Rogers at Shoplyfter